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Francis's Real Estate Update.
Francis ROLLAND REALTOR® (BRE License Number 00896319)
Coldwell Banker - Los Altos
161 S. San Antonio
Los Altos,  CA  94022
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Downtown Mountain View!
Ask:$849,000 - Sold: $1million
Old Mill complex
$918,000 End unit, best location - just pending -
Parc Crossings
1B. 1Ba - $519,000 Excellent location
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Spring Cleaning 101
Springtime is here and as the weather gets warmer it’s time to start the annual tradition of sprucing up your home and getting your living space in its best shape. But before you start, if you want to get your entire house sparkling and address all those forgotten nooks and crannies, then you might want to consider these tips to get your spring cleaning ritual underway. After all, sometimes the hardest part of any cleaning project is figuring out exactly where to start. Launch your efforts with the steps below.

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Coldwell Banker - Los Altos
161 S. San Antonio
Los Altos,  CA  94022
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Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make
Buying a new home is an exciting and sometimes demanding process. The heightened emotions and the high stakes make it extra important to find a home that fits your family financially and “feels right.” Knowing some of the most common mistakes home buyers make will put you in a better position to make the best choice. Here are some things to avoid. ...more
Homes of the Future
The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recently wrapped up in Las Vegas, and one idea creating a big buzz was “The Connected Home.” This isn’t a particularly new idea, and it has been talked about for years at CES, but it appears as if the technology is finally catching up with the idea, and having your very own connected home is not so very far away. ...more
The Wired Home
We're not quite to Jetsons-level futuristic living—no Rosie the Robot dispensing wisdom and drinks, for one--but we're getting pretty close. With computers and tech infiltrating everything from refrigerators to thermostats, today's fully wired homes are getting smarter than ever. ...more
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